UV light

2.      Blue light

3.      Combination of blue light & red light

4.      Pulsed light

5.      Laser

Infrared lasers: 1320, 1450, 1540 nm

6.      Radiofrequency


Topic II: Acne scar treatment

Types of acne scar
    1. Hypotrophic/atrophic scar
    2. Hypertrophic scar

Optical treatment for hypertrophic acne scar

Pulsed dye laser

Intense pulsed light

Rationale of optical and electrical based treatment for atrophic acne scar
   1. Removal of scar tissue
            Traditional ablative lasers: removal of bulky tissue
            Fractional photothermolysis: shorten downtime
            Nitrogen plasma (PSR: plasma skin rejuvenation)

   2. Stimulation of collagen remodeling
         Wound healing process
         Cytokines of wound healing
         Effect of fractional CO2 laser on cytokines

Fractional lasers
1. Fractional non-ablative laser
Fractional Er: glass laser
Treatment depth
Wound Healing Process
Possible complications

2. Fractional ablative laser
(1) Fractional CO2 laser
     Ablative depth
     Wound Healing Process

        Scar revision
        Hair pores
        Acne scar
        Skin rejuvenation
     Possible complications

(2) Fractional Er:YAG laser
     Absorption & penetration depth
     Pulse width & coagulation depth
     Clinical pictures

Generation of plasma
Treatment of scar with plasma

Case Discussion


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